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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Read all about it: Organ Donation

This is a great call to action.  Please pass this article on to anyone and everyone you know.


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to the Board

After the Minneapolis Heart Institute Gala I had the opportunity to have lunch with the President and CEO of the Heart Institute Foundation.  During that meeting I was asked if I would accept, if nominated, an offer to be on Board of Directors.  Long story short I was and I did.   I am not 100% sure all what this means but I think we help provide input and guidance as to the direction the institute moves from a research perspective, marketing, branding, community interaction etc.  Very exciting to me.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


18 months post implant - clinic up date......Where has the time gone.  I had clinic yesterday and I didn't even realize that it had been 18 months since my Heartmate II LVAD was implanted.  It seems like it was yesterday and yet so long ago.  There are times where I am startled by reminders of my stay in the hospital.  Grey's Anatomy just started a new season and something new is the personal phones all the characters have.  They make a chirp instead of a ring.  I know this because all the clinicians at Abbot have the exact same thing.  I felt like Pavlov's dog hearing the chirp and looking for a nurse.

Clinic was unremarkable and eye opening at the same time.  I feel great and my blood work was all very good.  However my echo came back with an EF of 15.  I have to admit that this is surprising given that my workouts have continued to improve steadily.  My chamber volume is back to 5.9, down from the 8.5 cm when I was first sick.  The doctor astutely pointed out that the echo serves as a reminder that while I am doing very well on the surface, but behind the scenes my heart is "profoundly" compromised and will never get better.  He said it is a good reminder for everyone how fortunate I have been.  I left clinic reflecting on our conversation and how truly lucky I am to have tolerated this therapy so well.  It was pointed out that every day I am not transplanted is a day closer to a cure, a day without immunosupression drugs, and another day that the clock doesn't start ticking down.  I have so much to be thankful for and it surprises me how at ease I really am with where things are at in my life right now.

I ran at the gym tonight.  I just needed a break from the elliptical.  Someone can only do the same exercise for so many straight workouts.  I have been on the elliptical since June of 2011, I needed a change:-)

How about them Yankee's