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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is Insanity

So we took the plunge and started the Insanity workouts yesterday.  So much for thinking I was in shape, lol.  After the 25 minute fit test which left me on my hands and knees in a pool of my own sweat on our cold basement floor I realized this is INSANE!  Today was day 2 and it was 40 minutes.  I ache all over and am exhausted.  But we are not quitting.  So we will see what happens in 60 days:-)  I will say that for me the best part of this is having my LVAD holster slinging over me like a cargo net or when I am sweating into my eyes I feel like a giant octopus is wrestling with me.  But then I finish and ask myself how many other heart failure patients awaiting heart transplant are doing INSANITY:-)  As my NCOs used to say in the Army, pain is weakness leaving the body.  I must be pretty weak then:-)