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Saturday, April 6, 2013

2 Year Anniversary April 4th

Hard to believe it has been two years since I had my LVAD surgery.  Things sure have changed in two years.  Two years plus 1 month ago I was literally nauseated at the thought of going to the hospital for any reason and now I am perfectly at ease when I go there.  I viewed doctors then as arrogant and disinterested in my health, waiting for something to happen to me so I can be analyzed.  Now I am surrounded by a "care family" that is cheering for me and helping live as long a live as possible.  I saw my picture last night on an LVAD website and my first reaction was wow, my activism is getting noticed.  My second thought was, "oh crap, it's on the Heartware site (the competition:-))".  My cycle class, the one that I teach every Saturday morning at the Andover YMCA, gave me balloons and a big card signed by everyone last Saturday as it was  my 2 year anniversary of arriving at the hospital.  I was surprised and humbled by their comments while bursting with pride that I inspire them.

Two years also means two years of waiting.  Time marches on with no indication of moving higher up the list.   Waiting, waiting, waiting, like Poe's "Tell Tale Heart."  I am looking forward to the weather turning if it ever does here in MN.  I am anxious to get outside and golf.